Yadav Sachita (Dr.)

Name: Yadav Sachita (Dr.)
Designation: Asstt. Professor
Ph.D. (Finance), M.Phil., M.F.C., M.Com, UGC NET (Mgmt. & Commerce)
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Dr. Yadav, has served in the various private universities for around 15 years in the area of academics and research. She has published numerous research papers and book chapter in Refereed, UGC Indexed and Scopus Indexed Journals. She has presented various research papers in national and international conferences at various renowned institutes like MDI Gurgaon, IIM Kashipur, IIT Madras and ISEC Bangalore. She has completed a Minor Funded Project on Financial Literacy at Garden City University, Bangalore. She was invited as a session chair and guest speaker in various institutes and universities.

She has developed a MOOC course on Financial Modeling at IIT Kanpur India Platform during the year 2020. She is the reviewer of premier publisher and Editorial Board Member of Bhatter College Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, UGC approved National Refereed Peer -Reviewed Journal ISSN 2249-3301, Member of Crossref. and International Business Research Canadian Center of Science and Education. She is the member of Indian Accounting Association, Jaipur.

Quality Publications in Scopus, ABDC, SCI, EBSCO and UGC Care Listed Journals:
1. Midha, Nidhi, Sachita Yadav and Sanjay Srivastava (2021). “The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer based brand Equity for White Goods brands in India.”, Gurukul Business Review (GBR) Vol. 17 (Spring 2021), pp. 1-14, DOI:10.48205/GBR.V17., Corpus ID: 233420921

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Sachita Yadav (Dr.)
Area of Expertise:

Financial Derivatives, Security Markets, Financial Services, Econometrics, Economic Development, Financial Literacy, Sustainable Development and Climate Finance