AJNIFM being a pioneer think-tank for Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance; contributes through unique reassessment and refinement of current practices by virtue of undertaking various consulting assignments both from central and state government/ organizations. Given its core competence in Public Finances, Procurement Procedures, Fiscal Federalism and Management, Revenue & Taxation policies, General Financial Rules, Government accounting, Accounting in autonomous institutions, Financial reporting standards, Public policy and economics, central and state finances‎, AJNIFM undertakes various consultancy & research assignments both from central and state government/ organizations in the following areas:

  • Public Expenditure
  • Public Procurement procedures
  • Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal management
  • Central & State Finances
  • Revenue and taxation policies
  • General financial rules.
  • Government accounting & accounting in autonomous institutions
  • Financial reporting standards
  • Project management
  • Public Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Markets
  • Gender Budgeting

AJNIFM’s continuous research, innovative developing business models and two decades of experience in government policies and strategies has made us dynamic yet adaptable consultants.

If you have the relevant qualifications and work experience, and if you would like to work alongside AJNIFM faculty on consultancies in any of these areas, please send your detailed CV to the email address given below:

Consultancies conducted for following Clients:

List of Consultancy Assignments being conducted by AJNIFM for Central and State Government for the Financial Year 2021-22

Consultancy Assignments conducted during the last two years

Consultancy Assignments conducted by AJNIFM in the past years

List of Clients for consultancies