About Publication

The Publications Division envisioned AJNIFM's clientele with a comprehensive selection of new and recent publications that reflect the research interests of the organization. The Division is dedicated to the publication and dissemination of the research findings of AJNIFM. The Publications Catalogue includes reports, monographs, working papers, discussion papers, and reprints.

In addition, AJNIFM publishes the following periodicals:

NIFM Journal of Public Financial Management Bi-annual periodical of the Public Financial Management. The research articles and empirical information focus on the broad areas of Public Economics, Public Finance, and Fiscal & Budgetary Management. The journal intends to influence policy making by encouraging a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the development process.

AJNIFM publications target reach:

  • Research institutions
  • National and international agencies
  • Teachers and students
  • The business community
  • Government and non-government agencies
  • The public and private sectors
  • We recognize that publishing is about making connections and making the Institute’s work visible and accessible.