AJNIFM Theme Song

An AJNIFM Theme Song was written & composed for the occasion.  It was played on AJNIFM Foundation Day 16th January 2023.  The lyrics of the song is as follows:  

मेरी आरजू को मिली रशनी

इंसानियत को मुझमें विस्तार दिया है

My desires have found the right direction and the humanity within me has been enriched.

न धरती को भूलूं और आसमां भी छू लूं

तेरी अलख ने मुझको वो किरदार दिया है

You nurtured me in such a way that my aspirations of scaling new heights and remaining grounded at the same time are no longer in conflict.

धरा ही जीवन का अर्थ है

मनुष्यवती भूमिरर्थ‌‌:

(I have realise that) Staying grounded is the essence of Life.  Human resources are the real wealth of a Nation

हो लोक निहित नीति, शासन में सुशासन

साधन को संवारे है, साधक का समर्पण

I have learnt here that when the intention behind making policies is for the larger good of society then the Governance turns into the good governance.  All the learning can happen when the seeker surrenders completely for attaining the knowledge

पथ है सतत विकास, न ज्यादा मिले न कम

सच्ची हो जीत जब जुनूं को होश का दामन,

We have learnt that sustainable development is the only path and aspiring for optimum is the only measure.  

होश ओ जुनून साथ हो ये शर्त है

मनुष्यवती भूमिरर्थ‌‌:

However the vigour to do things has to be balanced with wisdom. Human resources are the real wealth of a Nation.

उम्मीदों की ज़मीं है ये, सपनों का आसमां

मिलता है साधकों को रहमतों का कारवां

We’ve been filled with hope for a better tomorrow.  And the one who completely surrenders to attaining knowledge will surely succeed

तेरी लौ ए दानिश, संवरती रहेगी

ऊसर को उर्वरा करे, तू ऐसा बागबां

The flame of knowledge may keep burning brighter within us.  Like a diligent and zealous gardener who can turn infertile land to fertile one, you fertile minds, ideas and imaginations the institute cleanses are minds for better learning.

सर्वजनहित इसी में निहितार्थ है

मनुष्यवती भूमिरर्थ‌‌:

The Institute embodies the principle universal welfare.  Human resources are the real wealth of a Nation


And I was bestowed with the wisdom that public interest is based upon the realisation that


मनुष्यवती भूमिरर्थ‌‌: