Bhalla Jaya (Dr.)

Name: Bhalla Jaya (Dr.)
Designation: Associate Professor (SG)
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Area of Interest

Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Soft Skills, General Management

Publications/ Articles

  1. Published a paper on “Effectiveness of performance appraisal system in Escorts (Escorts Limited- Farm Trac)” in Management Researcher, April-June 2009, page 51-66.
  2. Published a paper on “Cultural Dimensions and its influence on IT Sector; A comparative case study approach” in Journal NIFM journal of Public Financial Management,july-December,2010, page 95-107.
  3. Paper published on “Implication of cultural Dimension on IT: A comparative analysis” in Management Researcher, October-December 2010, page 45-53
  4. Published a paper on “Banking complaints and its solutions through Banking Ombudsman” in Banking finance, June 2011, page 12-14.
  5. Published a paper on “Human Resource Accounting practices in selected public and private companies in India.” In Asian Journal of Management Technology and Change
  6. Published a paper on SARFAESI Act-Recovery of bank loans, “International Journal of Management Research and Trend” Volume- II Issue-2 Year-2011.
  7. Published a paper on Corporate Governance: Perception of Executives in India, “Review of Management” Volume-II, Issue-II, Year-2012, Page-27-33.
  8. Published a paper on The impact of Human Resource Management practices on turnover and productivity, “Journal of Organizational and Human Resource”, Volume III, Issue I, 2014.
  9. Published a paper on A study on spiritualism and its impact on alcohol De-addiction, “Venkateshwara International Journal of Multidisplinary Research”,Vol.-1,Issue-2 July 2014.
  10. Published a paper on A comparison of factors effecting motivation of middle level employees of Public and Private sector banks in Haryana, “International Journal of Indian Management and Strategy, JIMS, Vol-19 Issue-4, Oct-December 2014.
  11. Published a paper on Impact of Flexible Work arrangements on Productivity in Indian IT sector: A study, “IPE Journal of Management”, Institute of Public Enterprises, Vol.-6, No.-1,January-June 2016.
  12. Published a paper on Women Executives on Work-Life Balance: “An analytical study,Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management”,Vol.-5, issue-3,October 2016
  13. Published on “Gender Stereotyping: A key barrier” in Business Concept, July -September 2010, page 21-22
  14. Published on “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” in HRD Times, April 2009, page 29-30.
  15. Published on “Socialisation of employees” in HRD Times, November 2008, page 16-17
  16. Published on “ Corporates towards green era” in Business Manager,April,2012, page 33
  17. Published on “Keeping Away the Stress” in Business Manager,August,2012,Page 30-33
Bhalla Jaya (Dr.)
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