Management Development Programme

            Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management (AJNIFM) is a Centre of Excellence specializing in capacity building of professionals in the fields of Public Policy, Financial Management and other governance issues for promoting highest standards of professional competence and practice.  AJNIFM caters to the training and capacity building needs of the Officers of Central/ State Governments, Autonomous Bodies, PSUs, etc.

  1. A large number of Management Development Programs are conducted by AJNIFM on regular basis which are OPEN for the officers from Central Government, State Governments, PSUs and Autonomous Bodies, etc., who participate in these programs on nomination basis. The MDP Calendar for the Year 2023-24 is available at AJNIFM Website and can be accessed by clicking MDP Calendar 2023-2024 on the right side of this page. The organization may opt to nominate their officers to any of the Programs listed in the Calendar as per their training needs.
  2. We, at AJNIFM analyse the capacity building and training needs of different levels of Officers/ Cadres in an organization. For this purpose, we interact with the concerned authorities in the respective Offices/ Cadres and understand their Capacity Building and Training needs.  Based on this we, in consultation with that Organization/ Cadre, design and deliver training programs suiting their specific requirements. 
  3. Various areas of training may include General Financial Rules, (GFRs)/ Delegation of Financial Powers (DFPRs) Public Procurement, Government e-Marketplace (GeM), Public Financial Management System (PFMS), Goods & Service Tax (GST), Income Tax, Financial  Management,  Budgeting, Public Private Partnership, Project Management, Auditing, Contract Management, Arbitration & Negotiations, etc. Apart from this, we also impart training in behavioural areas/ soft skills, including Communication Skills, Team Building, Leadership, Inter-Personal Skills, Motivation, Time Management, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Good-Governance, Work-Life-Balance, Conflict Resolution, Creative Thinking, Managing Change, Presentation Skills, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Making, etc. 
  4. The programs which have been sponsored by specific organisations/ cadres for their own officers may be accessed for reference by clicking Sponsored MDP Calendar 2023-2024 on the right side of this page.
  5. The Institute has a Library with a collection of over 37,000 books and subscription to 54 Indian and 15 foreign printed journals and magazines. The library subscribes to more than 5,000 e-journals and periodicals from different database. The library is also a Member of DELNET, containing more 3.5 corers books, journal, thesis etc.  The Institute has lush green campus spread over 42 acres of land in Faridabad on the outskirts of the National Capital.   The campus has an indoor sports complex with gymnasium, billiard, squash, badminton, Yoga room and outdoor sports’ facilities (lawn tennis, basketball and grounds for cricket, football volleyball etc.,) providing conducive environment for learning.  All these facilities are available without any additional payment by individual participants.