Conference on “Use of Smart Contract in Public Procurement and Supply Chain" on 17th-18th March 2023

Procurement Research Centre is going to organise a conference on “Use of Smart Contract in Public Procurement and Supply Chain" on 17th -18thMarch 2023. The objective of this conference is to bring about an awareness and share the current experiences in developing smart contracts and thereby explore the possibility of using smart contract in public procurement in India.

Accordingly, in this conference, professionals and academicians who have contributed to the knowledge and dissemination of smart contracts in India have been invited to deliver a series of lectures. The speakers who will deliver lecture during this conference are-


S. No.




Dr Manoj Kumar Tiwari

Director NITIE, Mumbai


Dr Sandeep Shukla

Professor, IIT Kanpur


Dr Subodh Vishnu Sharma

Associate professor, Department of Computer Science, IIT Delhi


Ms Swati Bhide

IBM India


Sri Deepak Lalan

Accenture India


Sri Rajesh Dhuddu

Tech Mahindra


Dr. Parwat Singh Anjana

IIT Hyderabad

 Since the conference aims to bring about awareness about smart contract among public procurement professionals, start-ups, students, and researchers active in this field, there is no entry fee to participate in this conference cum lecture series for start-ups, students and researchers.

Accordingly, you are requested to nominate such persons who have a strong motivation for smart contracts. In order to avoid participation of non-serious individuals, nominations may please be forwarded with the approval as following:



Organisation type

Nomination to be approved by


Academic institutions

Head of Department


Participants from private sector

HR department


Govt. departments

Officers of the level L14 or above


Public Sector units

Executive Director/Chief General Manager or above


The nominations will be accepted on first come first serve basis on the review of applications by the organising committee and will be closed once a minimum number of participants have been registered.

The participation request may be submitted online at the link given below:-


 Poster soft copy should be submitted before 13th March 2022.