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International Conference on Recent advances in Public Procurement in February 2024


The conference will give an overview of all aspects related to technology-enabled data and analytics strategy in the procurement processes of public-sector agencies and the supply chain network, including (but not limited to) the following:


List of Themes

Green and sustainable public procurement

E-procurement in public sector

Procurement induced innovation

Circular Public Procurement

Modern, data-driven procurement process

Integrated automation and predictive analytics in Procurement

Supplier prioritization and Proactive risk management in Procurement

Multisourcing of suppliers, nearshoring in Procurement

Supplier contract negotiation in Procurement

Bidding Analytics; Invoice / regulatory analytics

Reducing transaction cost and shortening procurement cycle times

Eliminating complexity in procurement processes that impede performance and introduce risk through increased automation

Intuitive e-procurement platforms; E-procurement applying semantic technologies

Automation of human resource-intensive tasks

Big data utilization, implementation of digital procurement activities

Enterprise resource planning with predictive analytics

Procurement-led innovation and stakeholder value improvement

Procurement technology to cluster data from ERP, procure-to-pay systems, contract management systems

Data analytics and cognitive analytics in Procurement process