Key Topics

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AJNIFM invites submissions on a wide range of subjects. Topics of interest may include but are not limited to:

  • Different Dimensions of Self-reliance;   
  • Role of corporate and  MSMEs;
  • Empowering Poors including migrants and farmers; 
  • Agriculture reforms;
  • New Horizon of Growth (Coal Sector, Mineral sector, Defence Sector, Aviation Sector, Power Sector, Social Infrastructure Sector, Space Sector, Atomic Energy-Related Reforms);
  • Government Reforms and Enablers (Employment Generation, Healthcare Sector, Education Sector, Ease of Doing Business for Corporate);
  • Public Sector Enterprise (PSEs) Policy for a New and Self-reliant India;
  • Contribution of States in achieving 5 trillion economy;
  • Money and Banking;
  • Financial Sector, Financial inclusion, and Fintech;
  • Technology in development;
  • Business Cycles, Pandemic and Financialization.